Whole Foods: Salaries Exposed

MSN Money reports Whole Foods has been exposing its employees’ salaries since 1986, when co-CEO John Mackey introduced the open policy. Once a month, Whole Foods collects financial data from each of the chain’s locations. Leaders in this industry believe it is important for its employees to see how much money others in the company are making, to motivate them on what it takes to reach a certain dollar amount. There have been some disputes within the company about certain parties making more money, but Mackey explains how people are paid based on their performance and level of value. He believes this approach creates a high trust organization and causes employees to become increasingly invested in the company.

TED Talk Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

What differentiates successful entrepreneurs from failed ones? Why do some organizations seem to produce and others cannot? Are successful entrepreneurs just lucky or is there a logical explanation? These questions were posed by Ernesto Sirolli, who describes in this Ted Talk his experience while working in Africa at age 21, as an Italian social entrepreneur.

The New England Patriots WIN Super Bowl XLIX!!!



According to Chris Wesseling from Around the NFL, the New England Patriots heeded Bill Belichick’s pre-game directive to the tee. Belichick told his team, “It’s a 60 minute football game, and whatever issues we have, let’s make sure we correct them, coach them, and fix them. That’s our job.” Now, with less than 30 seconds left in the game, the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch was just shut down for his first and only attempt to score their last drive. Shortly after Lynch’s attempt, Seattle huddled up to get ready for their second attempt to score, and potentially win Super Bowl XLIX, when two assistant New England Patriot Coaches noticed three receivers entering the Seahawk huddle and decided to change their goal line formation at the last second, calling in Malcom Butler to help defend Seattle’s second drive.

Dennis Rodman is Still Alive???

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CNN reports Dennis Rodman’s fourth trip into North Korea to train its basketball team for an exhibition match against former U.S. NBA players in the capital city of Pyongyang. Dennis Rodman, was reported to call Kim Jong Un, Dictator of North Korea, a “very good guy” and “friend for life.” Rodman was on his latest round of basketball diplomacy, during a time of political uncertainties. Rodman, visited North Korean short after the public display of Kim Jong Un’s uncle being executed, and U.S. missionary prisoner Kenneth Bae’s incarceration. Rodman explained how he was not there to take the place of U.S. diplomats, but use basketball as a medium to get above the silos of culture and country and see Kim Jong Un a little clearer. He finally mentions, how his basketball diplomacy is focused on helping President Obama get out of his silo, and see a way around the current failed efforts between the U.S. and North Korea.

A Vermont Heroin Epidemic

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The New York Times reports Vermont’s new combatant effort to resolve the long time heroin epidemic going on in rural cities like Rutland. Vermont’s Governor, Peter Shumlin, has launched a new initiative state wide to get communities on board with eradicating this “disease.” New England is reported to have record overdoses and deaths of this drug in recent years. Rutland is famous for being a blue-collar town that excavates marble from quarries and is a pioneer of the railroad. The heroin epidemic has overwhelmingly become a way of life in Rutland, and a hotspot for New York drug dealers to make a quick buck. The report also exclaims how Vermont is finally taking its first step toward recovery by first admitting drugs are a way of life in cities like Rutland.

Execution Style in North Korea!

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CNN reported late last year in 2013, Kim Jong Un, Dictator and son of the late Kim Jong II, brutally executed his uncle Jang Song Thaek, second in command and leader of the NK military, in front of a crowd of people. United States officials believe the strength of North Korean hierarchy is murky and unclear. North Korean official news reported, Jang Song Thaek was accused of trying to overthrow the current regime. Many believe this act of violence by Kim Jong Un, was in attempt to take back control of his country and rid the country of any thoughts or actions of rebellion.

Whole Foods: An Almost Billion-Dollar Business

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Fast Company reports Whole Foods is one of the business world’s most radical experiments in democratic capitalism. Whole Foods is the largest natural food grocer in the United States, and is the most profitable. What makes Whole Foods unique is their position on employee empowerment, autonomy, and teamwork. This is a company where all employees can see each other’s numbers and vote for someone to be hired. It started in 1980 and by 1991; it had almost a dozen stores in three states. Today it has blossomed into 43 stores across ten states with a $500 million revenue stream. With few rules and ten teams in each store, collaboration and competition is at an all-time high. There are very little levels of hierarchy, because everything is completed in teams. Teams are measured for performance, increasing accountability to one another. With every new location, Whole Foods plants veteran team members to replicate and create sustainable and successful stores.