Because I am Chinese and my parents being devout Buddhists, I was told to make good and virtuous ‘causes ’ since I was a little girl, because basically all the Chinese people know that good ‘causes ’ will directly lead to good ‘results’, and the bad and unethical ‘causes ’ would lead to bad ‘results ’, too.


Microhydranencephaly is a very rare disorder in which the neural tube of a baby did not grow properly, resulting in a substantially small brainstem and an improperly formed cerebellum. In an article from Boston.com, the story of a young boy, Jaxon Buell, with the disorder is described in honor of his first birthday. As stated

Simple Language, Bright Minds

Most college students can related to the experience of trying to fill up a paper with longer, more complex words to make themselves sound smarter. But a new study out of UCLA suggests that simpler language is what make one appear smarter. Apparently, using larger more complex words when a simpler one suffices, causes your