Beauty is viewed differently for each person. Something beautiful to one person could be ugly to another. So what makes something beautiful? Most people would say that modern media plays a big role in defining what is beautiful. The media sets different criteria for a beautiful woman such as big lips, long legs, curvy body, and etc… The problem with this definition of beauty is that all woman are not like this. Many would say that this definition of beauty is the cause of woman developing issues like depression, eating disorders, and self-esteem issues.

Our society of women have started to disregard their own health and wellbeing to change themselves to fit the media description of beauty. How can we stop this problem?After doing research on this debated topic, I have come to realize that this problem is not caused by the media but stems from a deeper issue within each woman. There is media that tries to define beauty, but I have also found media that supports the idea that every woman is beautiful. The real problem lies with each woman and their ability to accept themselves for who they are. They continually want to change who they are because they think that in some way they are not good enough. This way of thinking results has caused this major problem. The only way to really stop this problem is to help women to understand that every person is important and beautiful in their own way!

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  1. Chara Farquharson


    The media has its own definition and standard of beauty which should not define every female because every female does not fit that mold.

    Growing up, I wasn’t used to seeing people that looked like me on TV or in magazines. Whatever I would see on mainstream media is what I figured was beautiful. Admittedly, it affected my self confidence to a degree that, at the time, I couldn’t even begin to understand. It wasn’t until I truly saw myself that I began to love and accept who I am as an individual. There is no one in the world exactly like me and that in itself is beautiful.

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