Most people don’t know about bilingual education. Bilingual education is when a child learns in his native language while simultaneously in English. In 1998 propositions in legislation made it illegal to have bilingual education. This was a part of the government movement to keep English as the primary language in the United States and to enhance patriotism. This movement didn’t affect people who spoke English but it is was extremely detrimental to the Hispanics and Latinos, who have a high percentage of Spanish speakers.

Out of all the demographics, the Hispanic and Latinos have has the highest dropout rate in the United States. Can you guess why? The cause of such high dropout rate is the banning of bilingual education. These bilingual propositions are essentially trying to take away these children’s identity and character. These children are being forced into a language that they know little of and expected to succeed against insurmountable odds . If we truly want to help the Hispanic and Latinos demographic to have a greater education, we need to think about allowing bilingual education.

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  1. J.Gill


    As somebody who has gone through bilingual education, I feel it is extremely important so that a person does not feel alienated. It is also important so that people do not forget their culture and their unique identity. As the author said, diversity should be celebrated.

  2. Reply

    I grew up in three different country/culture. Therefore, I was very fortunate to be able to expose to different languages. That being said, I am very encouraging my own children to learn more languages. It is even more important that in american school, beside english, children should be able to gain an bilingual education. Nevertheless, this country is form from a very diverse culture and no one should be force to left their heritage behind.

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