blmBlack lives matter (BLM) is an activist movement originating out of the African-american community that campaign against violence toward black people. Starting in 2012, BLM has been gaining momentum through various different campaigns following mainly the deaths of African-americans at the hands of police officers. Now, with an election next year, BLM have shifted from traditional protests and civil demonstrations to protesting around certain candidates.

Here they are, in early August:


…and another one late in October:


Now, arguments can be made regarding the efficiency of protests and civil demonstrations; all I will say is that both Clinton and Sanders were trying to address Black Lives Matter in their speeches before they were interrupted. In this case, in particular, however, their tactics may not have been the best. Many people think the group has been around long enough for all the presidential candidates to be aware of their existence. If they are doing this to show that their vote matters, they might want to reconsider:




By a 2-to-1 margin, likely voters said they do not think the Black Lives Movement supports reforms to ensure all Americans are treated fairly under the law, meaning they either have not been too successful or they have a different agenda.

So what are they trying to accomplish, then?



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