Since 2014, protests in Brazil have grown to even higher levels as thousands of people took to the streets to rally against the corruption scandal that has embroiled the country. This demonstrations came as a result of investigations into former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and many other of the country’s top leaders and businessmen about a bribery scheme with Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company. Not only satisfied with getting the former president indicted with charges, they are also calling for the current president, Dilma Rousseff, to resign as well as he was Lula da Silva’s hand-picked successor and was his chief of staff and energy minister and who the protestors believe was involved in the scandal and will continue the practices most despised by the citizens.  In line with the protests, an anonymous Brazilian artist has put blindfolds over the eyes of over 100 statues of former leaders, writers, and international figures around Rio de Janeiro as a silent protest. The artists says they “act as a way to shield the eyes of those who cannot do anything to change the country.” However, he believes that Brazilian cities do have the power now to change.

This could have not been a better metaphor for the concept of the “blind” people in IMT. These blind politicians, leaders, and businessmen who have been in charge of the country have engaged in an irrevocably disturbing scandal while displaying Type C characteristics. The blindfolds too are representative of the people of Brazil who continued to follow these leaders despite what they have done. Most of the people in the world are Type C and when electing and supporting leaders they often choose to elect those who most are like themselves resulting in the leaders being Type C as well.

However, as the artist notes, it is time to make a change in Brazil. Only now as the people start to see more and more of the corruption within their country can a change happen. These people are perceiving more information and with knowledge they are better able to see which extreme their government most likely represents and that is the one that does not fairly govern the people. With more information, the blindfolds come off and the previously blind can begin to see toward the future and the final conditions and now they realize that their current path is not a positive one, and only their actions can make a difference.

Much like the statues, those who cannot change, be still, and silent will never be able to remove those blindfolds and blind they will be forevermore.




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