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On September 11, 2013, U.S. Daily News reports a 27-year-old Arizona man is alive after a 30-ton boulder crushes him. The Cocoonino County Sheriff’s Office reports the man and four others were part of a radio tower crew that was heading up Mount Elden to repair a down radio tower. While on the way up the mountain, the Arizona man attempted to move a boulder to clear a path, when suddenly another massive boulder directly above it gave way and slid down the mountain putting the man between a rock and a hard place [road] crushing his lower extremities. The Weather Channel reported there was heavy rain in the area the night prior to the crew’s accent on Mount Elden.

The irony of accidents or random occurrences is–there is none. The massive boulder that crushed the Arizona man may be an accurate picture of the reality many people have while on the job and in life. By observation, less people think and utilize common sense. Being stuck in the details of trying to move one boulder on Mount Elden, brought the injured man so close to the situation, he was not able to see the bigger picture and avoid the near deadly effect of his cause.

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  1. Rizwan Assainar


    We, now and then take decisions in life that are not correct. I see a lot of comments here blaming the man’s situation. At that particular situation, he would have been wanting to move that smaller boulder to get rid of some other dangerous situation and unfortunately ended up in an adverse situation. The whole crew did not introspect the initial conditions or must have conveniently avoided the weather reports and continued their mission. So, what we should get from this article, IMT principles are dominant in life. We need to understand the initial conditions to predict the final outcome.

  2. Carissa


    This incident could have been predicted if the radio tower men had all the information and knew that it had rained the day previously, causing the ground to be slippery. If they were perceptive, they would have been able to assess the initial conditions and predicted that the boulder would fall. However, according to Natural Laws, events can only happen one way which means there was no way to “prevent” this occurrence.

  3. Haitham


    It is important to the bigger picture and have some think before attempting on doing something. This man tried to focus by removing the block and did not see around that might another block fall down and hurt him. This kind of person should not be manager or leader because dose not see the big picture and think of the outcomes.

  4. Brian West


    I believe this man was a type C person and was blind because he did not use the information that was available to him. He should have seen that it was a dangerous situation and that he should not have messed with either boulder. The initial conditions were set and the event could have only happened one way. This was based on the position of the boulder and that the man was blind.

  5. Teja Reddy


    This man was clearly a Type c person, he knew that he had to clear the block to go further, but he did not have the capability to see the outcomes of that situation. All the conditions were clearly there he was just blind, and could’nt see them, which resulted in different outcome than he expected.

  6. Nick Galles


    I think this a good example of an individual not perceiving all of the initial conditions. If this man would have taken a closer look at the initial conditions of the boulders, he would have clearly seen that the other boulder was going to fall on him. While this story is tragic, it is clear that this man has no one to blame but himself.

  7. Caleb Vanderploeg


    Though it is important to see the entire picture only certain people have the ability to. In order to see more, we need to be able to process more. Paying attention to both boulders at once would be too much for one person. Type A people have the higher ability to perceive information but you cannot choose what type of person you are. This is why certain people are meant for certain tasks. Leadership should be given to those who can perceive the operations of multiple things at once while specific task should be given to those who can focus well on one thing but cannot handle the complexity of multiple systems.

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