Draenei_Buddha-wallpaperBecause I am Chinese and my parents being devout Buddhists, I was told to make good and virtuous ‘causes ’ since I was a little girl, because basically all the Chinese people know that good ‘causes ’ will directly lead to good ‘results’, and the bad and unethical ‘causes ’ would lead to bad ‘results ’, too. Every single result we are feeling and experiencing right now are strictly caused by ourselves in the past. That’s the reason that everyone of us tries so hard to avoid doing bad things or hurting any other creatures around us.

There is a word Buddhism called ‘reincarnation’. It describes that how you live your this life is determined by what you did in your past life. If you did bad things at past life, this life you will suffer the retribution at this life. To the contrary, the kindness of past life brings out lucky at this life. Using IMT to explain this, every thing has already set up from the beginning.

As William Blake said, ‘To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. ’ His poem is extremely similar to Buddhism theory that, ‘there’s a whole world in one single flower, or in one single grass. ’ We were told many times during our growth, because there are so many meanings and concepts even in a tiny thing, the meaning of existence. It also reminds us, every small cause we made would or definitely will have a result related to it. One Chinese wise man said that ’ Never fail to do anything good which you deem as petty; never dare to do anything evil which you consider as trivial .’

PlantingJust like the theory of IMT, things happen for a reason, to be more accurate, the reason we ‘planted ’ in the past.

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