Whether you realize it or not, bullying is present in any school. There are a variety of different roles that each child can play in this environment. Each role has different characteristics and traits but each child naturally emerges into a role that they fit. As I have observed and examined each role, I have come to the conclusion that each child is doing their best. Due to the lack of information that children have, they can’t understand the consequences for their actions. Each child in the bully scenarios is trying to overcome certain characteristic flaws that they have. We like to blame the bully for problems in school but each child is responsible for their own situation and the situation is necessary for the child’s growth!

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    Bullying is a very serious topic. Unfortunately, we as parent can’t always be there to protect your child. Therefore, in my opinion, it is important to teach your child to stand up for themselves as well as for others if they believe that person is been mistreated. Bullying does not stop at school and thats why it is even more important for a child to learn to be a leader and do what is right.

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