Evangelii Gaudium

The Evangelii Gaudium, a 2013 apostolic exhortation Pope Francis released on “the primary mission of evangelization in the modern world,” is a very long document, yet, the themes it covers are powerful. There are many impactful quotes that come from his work. Pope Francis discusses topics of: mercy, marriage, the poor, and encountering Jesus. It

An Army Commander’s Perspective on IMT

1. What is randomness? Does it exist? Give an example. Randomness is a series of events that occur without a predictable pattern. The does it exist question is one that every combat veteran who has lost someone deals with every day. Why, did he get shoot by the sniper, when I was standing next him?

Shots of Awe

In his online web series Shots of Awe, filmmaker Jason Silva explores topics such as philosophy, culture, human behavior, and technology in a weekly freestyle video format. In his video “Nonconformity and the Creative Life”, Silva discusses the concept of conformity. In Silva’s opinion, humans are largely conditioned to believe in a “reality tunnel”, which