Mo Money…

“Heard you were late this morning,” said Phil. “Yeah, got locked out of my stupid car, now I have to come up with the money it cost me to get it opened.” “Uh, sorry kid! Why don’t you take one of my tables? It’s a couple, they just sat down.” “Thanks man,” Cody made sure

An Almost-Haiku

The desire for complete and utter control is futile Focusing on my own life and powers frees my anxious heart Controlling myself is the only way to make my own mark Sketching out contours through self-evidence invigorates me Influence may not exist, but truths are interesting things Carving out my world one piece at a

Embracing the Embarrassing

Nothing’s better than a good embarrassing story… about someone else. We love them, we hate them, and we’re forced to live with them. Embarrassing stories are no different than that picture your friend took of you while you were sleeping with your mouth open, or the one that was taken before you were ready, or

Meticulous Me

I’ve been told many times throughout my 19 years of life that I am an incredibly meticulous person. On the outside, this seems to be a flattering compliment, but, I am the only one who knows the backstory; from my perspective, being meticulous is a curse. After I got out of depression, I felt like

End of the World

This poem speaks for itself.  Prince Ea makes the listener aware of several pitfalls that we, as a people, have fallen victim to.  We have polluted the natural environment, making it unlivable for some animal species.  We have become dependent upon medication and technology.  We have allowed discrimination based on race and religion to exist.