Public School Funding

school playground A functioning education system is a fundamental aspect of any society, and an educated population is necessary to create a competent workforce. However, in the United States, the public school system is too often mired in bureaucracy and involved in practices that lead to waste and go against the principles of Information Measurement Theory. One clear example of this is the method of allocating funds to schools that is known as Average Days of Attendance (ADA). This process is outlined in a KPBS article and is used in multiple states, including California, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.

What if you controlled your own life?

What would happen if we controlled our own lives? What would happen if we created our own salary at work? What would happen if we decided what to learn about in school? Ricardo Semler uses simple logic to break down the traditional organization structure that is predominately used in business. He challenges the rule and control based structures that are used in school, business and life. The question that started his radical ideas was ” Why is it done that way?” With this question he was able to find simple wisdom in creating a business and school system with almost “no rules”.