Why Do We Ask Questions?

I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. Rudyard Kipling One of the never-ending consequent questions we could ask, are a series of “Why’s,”  and each answer would still leave something open for our curiosity to feed upon,

Bigger Brains

It seems reasonable to believe that physical fitness is linked to brain and heart health, especially as people age. A study in a recent article gives evidence to this idea. Researchers conducted an experiment in middle-aged adults around the age of forty. The participants were given a treadmill test to assess their physical fitness. The

Internet piracy

Online Piracy has become a global issue with the massive growth of the internet. With nearly ¼ of internet bandwidth being used for piracy, people are finding new ways of pirating material. The issue doesn’t seem too severe to those who are benefiting from pirating but to businesses, which are losing money, this is a big issue. Businesses are losing millions of dollars to internet piracy. It is estimated that the software industry is losing 20.6% of  their income, the music industry is losing 18.5% of their income and the music industry is losing 65.5% of their income from piracy yearly.

Below is information about the current situation as well as potential solutions for the future:


Religion for the Nonreligious

During winter break, I emailed Dr. Dean Kashiwagi a long explanation about my spiritual journey through life since Bangladesh. After hearing my story, he gave me an override to join the Deductive Logic class. The class has overall been an incredible growth experience. With a religious girlfriend bringing me around to my first contact with