Brazil’s Blind Statues

Since 2014, protests in Brazil have grown to even higher levels as thousands of people took to the streets to rally against the corruption scandal that has embroiled the country. This demonstrations came as a result of investigations into former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and many other of the country’s top leaders

Jack Ma: “Stop Complaining, You Can Find Opportunities”

  Jack Ma is the founder of the world-renowned global wholesale trade online platform called Alibaba. In this video, Jack clearly identifies the simple observation that many people in life overlook, because they are too busy complaining and in their own silos: That the majority of people in life are unwilling to change and always

Book Review: One Minute Manager

One Minute Manager

Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Key Concepts:

Emphasis on efficiency: by being more organized efficiency is increased.

Emphasizes that everyone makes their own decisions (more accountability).

Participative management is bad—let others make their own decisions and efficiency is increased.  Managers that participate in the decision-making of their employees try to control the situation more often then not and are less efficient.

“A One Minute Manager—someone who gets good results without taking much time” (Blanchard and Johnson, p. 22).