Brazil’s Blind Statues

Since 2014, protests in Brazil have grown to even higher levels as thousands of people took to the streets to rally against the corruption scandal that has embroiled the country. This demonstrations came as a result of investigations into former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and many other of the country’s top leaders

Is Debt a Choice in America?

debt Outlaw investigates the possibility of the average American living debt free in today’s economy. Through use of figures published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the author breaks down the cost of affording the bare necessities in America: namely transportation, food, clothing, internet, gas, electricity, taxes, and insurance.  From the Bureau’s estimation of an average yearly income of $42,693 per person, after subtracting these necessities the average American is afforded $15/day ($5,500/year) of savings.  The author comes to this conclusion using “fair” estimates by rounding down yearly costs. He assumes a frugal citizen would make such attempts to save. Is $15 per day sufficient enough to escape debt in America?

Internet piracy

Online Piracy has become a global issue with the massive growth of the internet. With nearly ¼ of internet bandwidth being used for piracy, people are finding new ways of pirating material. The issue doesn’t seem too severe to those who are benefiting from pirating but to businesses, which are losing money, this is a big issue. Businesses are losing millions of dollars to internet piracy. It is estimated that the software industry is losing 20.6% of  their income, the music industry is losing 18.5% of their income and the music industry is losing 65.5% of their income from piracy yearly.

Below is information about the current situation as well as potential solutions for the future:


Nepalese Slave Labor

Nepalese workers have been building Qatar’s 2022 Word Cup stadiums.  They work under harsh, terrible conditions daily.  However, after the April 2015 earthquake struck, the worst atrocity yet emerged: over 25,000 people died or were injured in the earthquake. But Nepalese workers are forbidden to visit their homeland for funerals of their family members. Nepal’s

Modern Torture

Torture has been around for ages and has been used in many different ways. The traditional reasons for torture is to punish and discourage others from committing crimes but the most common use is to obtain information. Although torture is considered inhumane and uncivilized, the practice continues today because people believe that it is necessary to get