Corruption in South Africa

According to Transparency International’s (TI) annual corruption perception index, South Africa has progressively become increasingly corrupt, dropping 34 places since 2001. South Africa is currently ranked 72 out of 175 countries and is heading downward. Politicians and public officials divert public funds away from service delivery into their back pockets. In 2011 the former head

Public School Funding

school playground A functioning education system is a fundamental aspect of any society, and an educated population is necessary to create a competent workforce. However, in the United States, the public school system is too often mired in bureaucracy and involved in practices that lead to waste and go against the principles of Information Measurement Theory. One clear example of this is the method of allocating funds to schools that is known as Average Days of Attendance (ADA). This process is outlined in a KPBS article and is used in multiple states, including California, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.

Obama Asks Congress to Authorize Three-Year ISIS Fight

The New York Times article written by Peter Baker on Feb 11, 2015 discussed President Obama’s resent Authorization for Use of Military Force (A.U.M.F) request to congress. The request came the same day as news of the execution of aide worker Kayla Mueller by ISIS Forces. Highlights of the article and Pres. Obama’s request are