Simon And Garfunkel – The Boxer


A person can change their environment but they can’t change who they are.

As life goes on sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over again through our own choices. At times we try to forget our hardships through empty pleasures or a change of scenery. As it turns out, even when we change what’s around us the same problems persist. Our hardships must be solved from within, but first we must recognize that we are the cause of our own problems.

Stop and Stare

This song is about someone perpetually thinking about the action he has to take, but never actually doing anything. This is the person who knows that he isn’t happy and feels like he’s changing, but actually isn’t changing anything in his life. He has the belief that he would be happier doing something else, but

Blowin’ in the Wind

People can’t fix a problem if they don’t see a problem.

It’s very easy for human beings to get stuck in their ways. The majority of people can recognize that war and famine is bad, but why does it still exist? Why doesn’t the world change? People will see what they want see, and they will only change in ways that they feel comfortable. The problems that we perceive may not be problems to other people or to the world’s policy makers. We can’t change people and we can’t make them see, because they simply lack information. Everyone will change at their own rate, and if it fits the people’s needs, the world will change with them.

Let it Be

In life, many concepts are difficult to understand, so individuals often judge things to be inherently good or bad. The news is packed with political issues, accidents, catastrophes and much more, but who is to say what is good and bad? A situation can be “bad” for one person and “good” for another. Most people strive to eliminate these “bad” things in life by controlling others to doing what they think is right for the other. This is not an accurate approach.

Two Story House

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.

It is human nature to think that there is something better out there in the world. Every person in the world has had dreams of the perfect life, which really is not better than their present life.

Cats in the Cradle

The apple never falls far from the tree. This phrase surprisingly has much wisdom behind it, for it proposes the idea that children are a lot like their parents. Children tend to believe that they are completely different from their parents, but as the years go by they often find themselves doing similar things their

Lyin’ Eyes

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All human being are on their own quest for happiness. Some think fame and fortune will bring happiness, so they do everything to be known. Some think that money will bring happiness, so they will do anything for more money. There are so few people who actually can find happiness but it is not in materials possession or tangible things.