The speaker (Dr. Knols Bart) talks about the African Malaria Mosquitoes (AMM) that kill a lot of people around the world, particularly in Africa. AMM have been killing enough children to fill seven jumbo 747s crashing every day. Dr. Knols during his Ph.D. research figured out that AMM like to bite the foot and legs then he linked that with scent.

He did three experiments. First, he started focusing on the smell of human feet, until he came across a remarkable statement in the literature that said that limburger cheese smells like human feet. The piece of limburger cheese attracted AMM rather than human feet. Second, he discovered that dogs can smell mosquitoes’ larvae and might be used to inspect the source of mosquitoes that will help us to avoid their dangers from the beginning. The last and remarkable experiment, he could make pills that human could use like a medication. AMM that bite people who had this pill will die after ten minutes. In conclusion, Dr. Knols helped human to kill AMM before malaria kills us.Mosquito-small

IMT Perspective

Knols knows that the conventional solution which depends on controlling the mosquitoes by spr
aying chemical sprays is not effective because this solution does not deal with initial conditions of malaria.

Knols start thinking effectively about the initial conditions and collecting dominant information about African Malaria Mosquitoes to start finding simple solutions that are beneficial to avoid danger of fatal malaria.

Finally, he came up with many solutions that prevent causes of mosquitoes’ attraction to human (initial conditions) to avoid the danger of malaria (final conditions).

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