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Hurricanes were once thought to be random occurrences. Victims often blame such tragedies on bad luck or chance. However as technology advances we begin to see how predictable hurricanes can be. In fact presently we have an 85% prediction accuracy within an 18-hour advance warning. This case study walks us through Hurricane Wilma, one of the costliest recorded in history, along with the advancement of hurricane predictions. However, even with such warnings, there are still those surprised with the outcome.

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Is gambling really a game of chance? Beyond all the lights, promises, and hype we find there is actually very little luck to gambling. Each game is designed to allow the casino to win. However, over time there have been those who have discovered how the odds can quickly turn towards their favor with the right information. This case study walks through many forms of gambling through history and how they have all proven to be predictable.

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Is the weather predictable? Each day we turn on our televisions or look online to see the week’s weather prediction. In many cases we even plan our lives around what the weather will be in the future. But have you ever wondered how valid the local weather man’s predictions actually are? Have you ever thought that he might be making it all up? For that reason this case study was done to test the accuracy in the local weather stations in Kansas. The results of the accuracy tests were shockingly low however; they still show that with more information comes a greater ability to predict the future.

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