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Decision Making

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DecisionsMany people tend to link decision making with intelligent people, as if it were a talent or ability one can have. However, through the Event Model, we understand that decision making is an inefficient practice and can be a sign of less intelligence.

We know that all events have only one outcome, regardless of how much information you perceive. The only reason an event appears to have more than one outcome is due to your lack sufficient information to know the final outcome. Decision making implies that there must be more than one option from which to choose. Whenever we are making a decision we see more than one outcome. Therefore, we only make decisions when we don’t have enough information or in other words when we don’t know. Therefore decision making, although necessary, increases problems and should be minimized in order to increase efficiency.


Major points of Decision Making

An Event can happen only one way

Lack of information causes perception of multiple outcomes

Decision making implies multiple outcomes

Decision making is done when you lack information

Decision making is inefficient and increases problems

Commonly Asked Questions

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