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Dominant Information

DEcision right perfectly predict the outcome of an event we would need to know all the Natural Laws and all the initial conditions. Realistically no one will ever meet this requirement. Luckily we rarely, if ever, have to perfectly know the final outcome, therefore we do not need to know all the initial conditions or laws.

Dominant Information includes the Natural Laws and initial conditions which are critical in predicting the final outcome with sufficient accuracy. Dominant Information has certain characteristics:

Simple, easily understood by anyone, requires no expertise to understand

Brings consensus, everyone draws the same conclusion from the information

Generally numeric rather than words, simply because words are biased and can be interpreted differently depending on the person. For instance the description “good enough” can mean different things, however, a 5 is a 5 no matter who sees it.

Uses comparison

Major points of Dominant Info

An Event can happen only one way

Lack of information causes perception of multiple outcomes

Decision making implies multiple outcomes

Decision making is done when you lack information

Decision making is inefficient and increases problems

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