Control & Influence

Dominant Right

InfluenceOur environment can be defined as everything around us; our friends, family, leaders, school, tragedies, co-workers, etc. There are two extremes to how we perceive our environments; influence or no influence. Influence is when we have no control over our environment or what happens to us. Those who believe in influence believe an environment can change how a person thinks or feels regardless of who the individual is and with or without his consent. No influence is when we believe we are in full control of our environment. Everything that happens to us is because we have allowed it to be so. Without exception we have complete control over how we perceive, think and act.

As we look at a person with each perception we find that a person who believes in no influence has more tendencies that align with someone who perceives more information (Type A). By observation we know that No Influence is the accurate model. Therefore influence is not only an inaccurate perception but also not possible. Additionally we find that all attempts to control another individual or group of individuals will be wasted effort and in many situations produce the opposite effect.

Major points of Control & Influence

Our environment is everything around us and everything that happens to us.

Influence is when you have no control over your environment or what happens to you.

No influence is when you have complete control over your environment and everything that happens to you.

The perception of No Influence more accurately aligns with the perception of a person with more information.

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