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Who is on My Molecule?

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WIOMMEach person is surrounded by his environment. This environment includes everything and everyone around him. This could include: people such as family, friends, enemies, schoolmates, coworkers; Locations such as home, work, school; Possessions such as money, cars, and clothes; Characteristics such as intelligent, angry, depressed and happy; or events such as tragedies. Everything and everyone create your environment.

WIOMM identifies that everything in your environment is directly connected to you. In other words your environment is simply a reflection of yourself. Thus by observing a person’s environment we can identify the type of person he is and vice versa. Nothing in a person’s environment is there by chance.

Major points of WIOMM

An individual’s environment is everything and everyone around him

An individual’s environment is a reflection of the individual

Nothing is in an individual’s environment by chance

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