Changing the Paradigm of Leadership


With all the upcoming problems in the world and limited resources, the need for leaders have increased dramatically. Historically, the traditional role of a leader has been thought to be one of motivating, inspiring, changing, and influencing their followers. Millions of dollars, great amount of resources and effort have been allocated on implementing and training people based on this leadership model. Despite all of the efforts of companies to create leaders, the amount of leaders has not increased. This problem is still large at hand but no one has been able to find a realistic solution.

TraditionalWe have identified the flaws in this Traditional Leadership Model:

-The model assumes that you can change a individual

-The follower is the main constraint

-The leader has low accountability

We propose the implementation of a new leadership model that will eliminate these problems.

The Change to the New Leadership Alignment Model

The New Leadership Alignment Model is centered on the idea that leaders can’t change people. It changes the focus of a leader from his ability to change or influence individuals, to aligning individuals in the right place in order to increase the productivity of a group. A great leader understands the capabilities of his team and accurately aligns them to their most productive job. Due to this role a leader will tend to:

leadershipSee the necessity to accurately identify who his followers are.

-Focus on changing the structure/system rather than the people.

-Place accountability of overall improvement on leadership/management.

It is critical to remember that an individual has zero control/influence over their followers or anyone at all. The value in leadership comes from the utilization of resources by correct alignment.

Major points of Leadership

Leaders align their followers and do not influence and control them.

The value of the leader is his ability to utilize resources and talents.

A great leader understands the constraints of his followers and himself.

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