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silosA “Silo” is a biased perception of conditions and Natural Laws. Silos tend to be difficult for outsiders to understand, have their own lingo, and require detailed, technical information. In order to communicate with someone in a silo, it requires you to learn everything about their silo. Silos can be a:

  1. Perception of people (Friends, enemies, family, co-workers, cousins, spouse, boss)
  2. Perception of your life (Job, school, religion, home, gym)
  3. Perception of your time (Relax time, learning time, fun time, spiritual time)
  4. Perceptions of fields of study (Philosophy, science, religion, psychology, sociology)

Silos are inefficient and short sighted. People in one silo are unable to communicate/understand people in other silos. They are unable to see that conditions and Natural Laws exist and apply equally to all silos. If a person is able to get out of their silo and see conditions and Natural Laws without bias they will have the power to communicate simply to any person, have greater vision, and understand all silos.


Major points of Silo

Silos can be but are not limited to groups of people, sections of your life, business occupations, and times.

Silos keep us from understanding other people

People who are able to break out of the silos are able to have greater vision, communication and understanding

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do silos exist?

 Do people understand they are in silos?

How can you get out of the silos?

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