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TrustTrust increases risk. The Event explains:

1.All Events have one outcome

2.All Events are predictable

3.Multiple outcomes are perceived when there is insufficient information

Trust is the expectation of an outcome without sufficient information to support it. If you had enough information and knew the outcome, there would be no need to use trust. Therefore when you choose to trust someone or something it means that you don’t know, are making decisions and increasing risk. Trust should be eliminated with Dominant Information.

When “trust” is broken you have a giver of trust and a receiver. The person to blame is always the giver. The receiver’s actions were predictable from the beginning and the information about the receiver was always there. The only reason the giver’s trust was broken was because the giver incorrectly/incompletely perceived the information and put unrealistic expectations on the receiver.


Major points of Trust

Trust is used when you don’t have enough information

Trust is not needed if you have enough information

Trust increases risk

Commonly Asked Questions

Isn’t it necessary to trust people to some degree?

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