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Cycle of Learning

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CycleThe Cycle of Learning is the common steps all people go through to continually perceive more information. The four steps in the cycle of learning are to perceive, process, apply and change. We are reminded in the Cycle of Learning that all information exists no matter where you go. In other words, all information is constantly in front of each one of us. This implies that information is never withheld from anyone but it is only our personal inability to perceive the information that limits us from it.

We can observe that people not only perceive different amounts of information but also go through the cycle of learning at different speeds. From this observation we can identify two extremes of people, Type A people and Type C people. Type A people are those who perceive information at a rapid rate while Type C people are the opposite and perceive information very slowly. All individuals will fall in between these two extremes with regards to the amount of information they perceive and the rate at which they perceive it.

Major points of Cycle of Learning:

100% of Information exists in all locations

The only limitation to amount of information perceived is the individuals themselves.

The main steps to learning are to perceive, process, apply, and change

Individuals perceive information at different rates

Type A and Type C people are the two extremes of individuals’ rates of change


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