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Natural Laws

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Natural Laws

Do you believe in chance and randomness? Does life seem complex and unpredictable? These perceptions are the cause of most of the stress, fear and anxiety we experience. As chaotic as life may seem there is order to it all. The ideas of randomness and complexity are created and exist only in our mind. The reality of things is that life is predictable and never by chance.

For instance, if a person were to leap off a building without anything but the clothes on his back we could predict this person would fall. A million people could do it but because of the law of Gravity the result would be the same. Gravity is a Natural Law. Natural Laws govern how conditions change. We did not create gravity nor do we create any Natural Laws, we merely discover them. Everything that happens is explained by these Natural Laws and happens for a reason; there is no chance to life. We often forget this simple truth and blind ourselves to reality with words such as “chance” or “luck”.

Change in Perception (We will never know all Natural Laws so why is this useful)


Some may criticize that if you do not know everything, you can never know if the theory of Natural Laws is correct. Randomness could always exist, however; the research up until today and daily observations of life all point to things being predictable and the lack of randomness. IMT chooses to accept what we currently know to be true and reject an idea which we have never seen occur in real life but which may be true. In conclusion IMT does not claim to know 100% that the Theory of Natural Laws is correct. However, it does deductively assume, due to current research, that it is correct until proven inaccurate. For example have you ever seen a truly random event which could not have been predicted with more information? Would current actions of planning, studying, research, or accountability be useful if everything was random?

Acting upon the knowledge that  laws exist allow us to move in the right direction. As a person’s belief in randomness and chance increases the more he will  blame others, feel cheated, feel controlled, feel angry, feel helpless, be fearful, etc., while the more he believes that everything happens for a reason (by Natural Laws) the more he will feel accountable, feel in control, predict the future, plan things in advance, seek to understand why things happen, feel peace, etc. The shift in thinking from chance to laws will allow us to more clearly perceive reality and how to solve problems in our lives.

When Life Seems Random 


There are times in our lives where things don’t seem so simple and where you don’t see how an outcome could possibly happen for a reason. Gambling is a perfect example, yet even with gambling people have seen past the illusion of chance and beat the system. Roulette, craps, scratch and win games, sports betting, and 21 are a few of those “random” games where people have discovered they are all predictable. -Gambling is Predictable- Or victims of hurricanes may plead how they were the “unlucky” ones of an unpredictable tragedy, when in reality, there situation was predictable and most likely provided warning in advance. -Hurricane’s Randomness-

We find that unpredictability and chaos are due to the complexity of an event and lack of information we have in it. However everything, even chaos, is governed by laws. Laws which create a never ending chain of cause and effects in which each step if all laws were known could be explained and predicted. Think of it this way, is there anything you have observed in life that does not become more predictable with more information? If everything becomes more predictable with more information randomness cannot exist.

There are things which are difficult to accept such as the passing of a loved one, disease, disasters or other tragedies which seem to have no reasoning behind it. It is in these situations of complexity that we must set aside our personal bias that is clouded by our lack of information and rely on the foundation of simple truths we know.

Do Natural Laws Apply to People Too?


Everything in life is predictable, even people. For instance, as the information you have about someone increases the capability to predict what that person will do will increase as well. This is easily shown by people who can predict winning sports teams, marketing teams creating propaganda, business owners who interview future employees, or even a person finding a spouse. In all these situations we attempt to gain more information about the person/situation then based upon how we think people change (Natural Laws) we attempt to predict what that person will do or be. Just like anything else the more accurately we can perceive the Natural Laws the greater our ability to predict will be. The only reason people can appear unpredictable is because we see them as complex and often do not have enough information about the subject.

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