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The Event


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The Event ChartAn event is anything that takes time, whether it be a second, a day, or a lifetime. Examples of an event could be a class, a basketball game, a vacation or the lottery. All events have initial conditions which change over time into final conditions. Natural Laws govern the change in conditions and remain constant through the Event. With the Event we draw certain conclusions:

-If a person knows all the initial conditions and Natural Laws of an Event they can predict the final conditions perfectly, eliminating chance and randomness

-Initial Conditions will determine the Final Conditions

-All events can only happen one way or in other words have only one outcome

-There is no control within the Event. A person cannot change the final conditions to something different than what the initial conditions determined them to be.


Major points of the Event

An Event is anything that takes time

An Event has initial conditions and final conditions which are governed by Natural Laws

Initial Conditions fix the Final Conditions

All Events have only one outcome

All Events are predictable; there is no randomness

A person has no control during the event

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