This article shows an instance of the government attempting to control information. The article tells about an email that was released by the government in response to an activist group known as Judicial Watch.

The email is from a US Army admiral, who adamantly suggests that all pictures of Osama bin Laden’s body be destroyed. Allegedly, this was requested because it was suspected that these pictures would incite additional violence and that they could be used as an Anti-America propaganda tool. However, there is no such proof that this would occur and this act ended up having many negative effects as well. Firstly, it antagonized many Americans who believe that it is the right of the people to have access to any and all information. Furthermore, this decision is now costing the US money due to the legal fees of hearing cases similar to that of the Judicial Watch who argue this is unconstitutional and a breach of rights. This just shows another instance of the failure of an attempt to control.


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  1. Stephen Phelps


    This is such a powerful example of the failures that result when we try to control others and how oftentimes it actually has the opposite effect. Naturally, we can see that Judicial Watch would take legal action against the government for attempting to strip them from their rights and exercise control or influence on them. We can also see through this example that the government has a a short-sighted perspective and exists within it’s own silo. This course has been revealing in providing real-world examples to the implications of IMT on our daily lives. Additionally, it should be expected that people seek to destroy transparency by covering things up and attempting to escape the consequences of their decisions.

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