Most people think that rules and laws can help control the actions of a society. I would have to disagree! I don’t believe that rules or laws can control a society. One great example of my no control philosophy is traffic cameras. They installed the cameras in a effort to create safer streets but the results were stunning. Instead of decreasing accidents on the streets, it actually increased the amount of accidents happening and the amount of money lost through accidents. Although these cameras were placed with good intent, it is impossible to control another individual and rules and laws will never be effective. This a good example of how laws and rules cannot control a society!

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  1. C.F


    Laws and rules really don’t matter if an individual does not wish to follow them. Laws are portrayed as a way to keep us ‘safe’ or ‘protected’ but I believe many of them to be just another form of control. A person cannot be controlled (without their consent) they control their own environment.

  2. J. Gill


    Its the same as the drug situation, the government for the past 2-3 decades has spent billions in trying to curb the flow of drugs into the country but has this stopped it? No, in fact the drug situation in the country has worsened over these2-3 decades. this goes on to prove that you can’t have control over anybody. Trying to control it has actually worsened the situation.

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