Disneyland has always been a huge attraction for people all over the world. Although there are many different amusement parks that have rides, food, events, and fun, Disneyland has set its self apart as the best. Many amusement parks have tried to compete with Disneyland with lower prices and better rides but it doesn’t seem to work. Disneyland prices are significantly higher than other parks and they still seem to attract the most visitors. So why do people go to Disneyland?

The main difference between Disneyland and other amusement parks is their focus on the customer experience. Each worker (Cast member) is trained and given the opportunity to make each customer experience unique. Along with the direct interaction with customers, the cleaning crew work hard to keep the park spotless. Throughout the entire park, every employee is contributing to making each customer have a memorable and special time. Disneyland not only works hard to create this environment, but also thinks of ways to make life more convenient for each customer. The newest innovation that Disneyland created is a wristband that contains a customer’s hotel key, credit card info, amusement park ticket, etc… This innovation along with others have helped to attract more visitors. The main reason what people go to Disneyland instead of other amusement parks is because of the customer focused atmosphere that is present in Disneyland.

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