Last night my roommate came into my room yelling about his soccer game. He exclaimed, “Man, I did not score a cool goal and my passes were bad. I should have done better!” Now, back up 3 days ago and you will see him kicking a soccer ball for the first time in his life. It is not reasonable, or really possible, for him to do the things he set out to do after only a weekend of practice. So why did he expect that of himself?


Society seems to have put an emphasis on what we can do better, rather than acknowledging the hard work we have already done. An increase in social media and instant communication has made us more competitive. We see what everyone else around the world is doing and we automatically feel like we need to outdo the world. While this may motivate us to push on, most of the time it will just leave us disappointed. So going back to the story about my roommate, he should not have focused on doing what everyone else can do; he needs to focus on his own personal growth. In a span of days he went from barely having kicked a soccer ball to playing in an actual game; not practice, but a game. If he had analyzed the situation using a different perspective, he would be ecstatic about his performance. But because everyone always says, “I need to do better,” he was just left with disappointment.


IMT teaches us that we are always doing our best, and it is not possible to do better, let alone worth worrying about because an event can only happen one way. When the event is over, there is nothing you do can change it, so why stress about it? Use it as a learning experience and get excited about the future. Everything happens for a reason, and the only way to realize that is to stop looking down and get out of our personal silo by looking up and seeing the bigger picture. Life becomes a lot easier when you start to see things in a broader light.

Adapting a positive mentality and focusing on your personal development will leave you in a better mental state than ever before. It is amazing what kind of impact you can have on your own life by removing the negativity. Whether that be people, thoughts, or food, you will notice an immediate change. When you begin to think positive and praise yourself for all that you have done instead of what you should have done, you are becoming an expert in yourself. This is essential to your ability to give back to your surroundings. If you do not know yourself, how are you supposed to know about others or your environment?


The rapper Drake said it best when he said, “I don’t like how serious they take themselves / I’ve always been me; I guess I know myself.” Unrealistic expectations only bring people down. Try to think of the good in every situation. Positivity can help everyone to become healthier and happier individuals.

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  1. Andrew Tsai


    Does IMT really teach us that “we are always doing our best?” My understanding we are doing only what our initial conditions are allowing us to do. To improve, work on improving your future conditions.

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