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    This quote really shows how setting and environment can play a factor in life. I like how it states anyone is capable of creating great things as long as they do their absolute best in their given situation.

  2. Saud Almutairi


    This quote personally relates to my future goals that I want to implement in my country as an engineer. I might not have the money or the resources to change the overall engineering practices in my country but I have the will and the internal drive to make some changes. Personally, I believe anyone can change whatever they put their mind in to it.

  3. Mohammed Altraiki


    This quote shows how IMT can be applied in simple words. Do what you can, which tells do whatever you can do with the thing that you are the best at and leave what you cannot do. With what you have, which tells do what you can with the skills that you have, and with the experiences that you gain in your life. Do this wherever you are. When you have the vision, the future plan, and peace you can do it. Do not let anything control you just you who can control you. Then you can do whatever you want and you can achieve your dream

  4. Paulo Miro


    This quote stuck a few concepts we discussed in class. The most important thing I believe this quote demands is being aware. Being aware of our current situations, abilities, and limits. In other words, acquire as much dominant information as you can when assessing something. If you understand what is dominant about your situation then you will know not to exceed your limits and consequently use the expertise of others if you need to.

  5. Ruthie


    I am fascinated by this quote and the way in which it relates to IMT concepts. The quote depicts the idea of natural laws, and that we each must work with our own situations and characteristics rather than comparing ourself to others or attempting to be individuals we are not.

  6. Lauren Applegate


    I think that this quote closely relates to IMT and the KSM model as there is no such thing as chance. Everything happens for a reason and all in life is fair because we are in life where we are meant to be. Once we realize that, and that life is defined by natural laws we can truly be happy with our lives including what we have and where we are.

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