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Officials currently find themselves in a great divide over e-cigarette policy. Some research suggest that this new technology is safer because it decreases tar and carcinogens, while the opposition insists that e-cigarettes pose cancer risks similar to traditional cigarettes.

Since 2012 e-cigarette sales have doubled to $1.7 billion, and that number is project to increase. There is no question that people are buying this new product, but many fear that the increase in sales will undercut any efforts to prevent smoking. Some argue that e-cigarettes will make it easier and more attractive for children to smoke, and for people to smoke in new environments. In reaction to these projections, some are calling for stringent federal regulations placed on e-cigarettes.

Ultimately, the introduction of e-cigarettes is no different than the introduction of pre-rolled cigarettes. It is a new technology that makes smoking easier for those who are interested. As for those who have no interest in smoking, they will continue to avoid it even with the new technology. As natural law suggests, the interests of people cannot be influence or controlled, and any efforts to do so will be wasted and result in backlash. If people are concerned about the health effects of e-cigarettes, they will seek the information on their own.


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  1. Ravi Prathipati


    Just curious, wouldn’t they be healthier anyway? Looking around today, you see a lot of vaporizers, and there are studies that show they are healthier due to the water vapor instead of smoke. I do agree that all this is making it easier for kids to get into smoking, but it is ultimately up to their parents/themselves to choose their actions. What about the use of cigarette advertisements?

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