This poem speaks for itself.  Prince Ea makes the listener aware of several pitfalls that we, as a people, have fallen victim to.  We have polluted the natural environment, making it unlivable for some animal species.  We have become dependent upon medication and technology.  We have allowed discrimination based on race and religion to exist.  The list goes on.

The only way to survive all of this is to learn from the mistakes we have made and make a change. Everything happens for a reason.  A mistake is not a mistake, but rather a lesson.

So, what does Prince Ea propose we do?  Love.  If each individual person made the decision to be more loving towards their family, their communities, and the environment, most of these problems would disappear.  All of this comes down to the individual having sole control over his life.  Since people cannot be controlled or influenced, it is up to each one of you to perceive what is wrong in the world and make a change.  Make the decision to be kind, loving, and compassionate. If we truly loved the environment, then we wouldn’t pollute it.  If we truly loved each other, then discrimination wouldn’t exist.  Like Prince Ea says, the only way for us to achieve this is through boundless love from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.

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