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CNN reported late last year in 2013, Kim Jong Un, Dictator and son of the late Kim Jong II, brutally executed his uncle Jang Song Thaek, second in command and leader of the NK military, in front of a crowd of people. United States officials believe the strength of North Korean hierarchy is murky and unclear. North Korean official news reported, Jang Song Thaek was accused of trying to overthrow the current regime. Many believe this act of violence by Kim Jong Un, was in attempt to take back control of his country and rid the country of any thoughts or actions of rebellion.

Many questions about countries like this have risen for most people, who ask, “How could anyone want to live in that environment,” or “why are not civilized western governments stepping in and freeing the people from the brutality and control?” Actually, history has shown us by observation, the present leader of any nation is a reflection of the people and should remain there until the people change their leader them self. Anytime a leader has been removed by another entity, it has disrupted the entire system. For example, Dictator Saddam Hussein was removed from his position of power in Iraq, then the economy took a downward spiral and has not returned to its previous state since. When the people are ready to change they will revolt like the French revolution, American revolution, Indian revolution, and currently the Egyptian revolution. The difficulty is not the observation of the brutality and control in another nation, but remaining at peace by accepting what is being observing.

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  1. Camille Armendariz


    I think that North Korea is a good example of the blind leading the blind or in terms of IMT, Type C people leading Type C people. Type C people will only be led by other Type C people and because North Korea is in such a silo it is no surprise that this is their situation. I also believe that Kim Jong Un’s display and attempt to gain more control over his people will only do the opposite as is natural law.

  2. Rizwan Assainar


    The act of execution is totally brutal and awful for a leader to command. It is an act of control and people will certainly turn against it. As the article suggests, the leader is the reflection of people and for the question asked why civilized governments are not intervening in other countries matters is evident from the US control on Iraq and Afghanistan. Those countries saw a downturn in the economy and it has not been of any use. A leader must be elected with peoples opinion and will.

  3. Hossein Vashani


    I totally agree with the statement that “the present leader of any nation is a reflection of the people ” and in IMT terms we get that people and their environment are totally related to each other. They affect each other. We can get people’s characteristics from their environment and vice versa.
    The act of execution in front of people can not be helpful for the government because they are following the way of control not leadership so it would make more risks for the government in the future.

  4. Teja Reddy


    I may say that the execution style followed by the Dictator was bad and raised questions in the mind of the people but I truly agree that Leader of the county reflects their people way of thinking, their nature and all, one has to see the overall development and performance of the country rather than the nature or behavior of the Leader. Its true that a system functions well when the head is appointed by the people of that system as simple like WIOMM, when someone overthrows it the situation may turn like that of Iraq’s.

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