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Netflix’s April 2018’s Fastest Car series features Sleepers vs Supercars in quarter-mile straight races for the title of Fastest Car.

Sleepers are cars that are not supposed to be fast or people would not typically consider a “racing” car, but have been modified for use in Drag Racing. Supercars, on the the other hand, are what come to your mind when you literally think supercar. It is Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and every other vehicle which has been designed, built, marketed and sold as a racing/fast/exotic car.

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The series is 8 episodes spilt by 7 qualifier races with 3 sleepers and 1 supercar each. The last episode pits all the winners against each other.

The idea behind the show, is simple: will a car modified with blood, sweat and tears be able to go faster than a car that’s supposed to eat every other car for breakfast?

In short? No.

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– Sleepers have been built for 1/4 mile races (fast acceleration; big bursts of initial energy).

– Supercars are made for speed (speed builds over time; not particular about a strong take off).

The odds are in the Sleeper’s favor.


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-Modern Supercars have a “Racing/Launch Mode.” This is something that tells the car’s computer a race is happening an large initial burst of energy is needed.

Race after race, Netflix shows how Sleepers are able to beat Supercars unless they have a LAUNCH/RACE mode.



Sleepers rely on human response for their strong take offs, Supercars rely on a computer. Since, by default, Supercars are not build for drag races, Sleepers are able to beat them. When Supercars are able to utilize a computer to take care of the take off, however, the Supercar wins every time.



It is often said that computers will never defeat human ingenuity. When human ingenuity is able to utilize technology effectively, however, even greater feats can be accomplished.

dominant information, imt, the event, kashiwagi


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