DauughtersDaughters who are treated well and loved by their fathers are able to develop a sense of self worth and value in their own lives.

Fathers who treat their daughters well throughout childhood benefits them for their entire life.  Because of this, they are then more ready and able to look for similar qualities in a potential spouse for their future, who will treat them equally as well or better. It is this significant occurrence, throughout many women’s lives, that causes them to be better suited for searching for a proper husband.

By being more aware of the initial conditions, people are going to be able to better predict the final outcome of any given situation or event. The more information that is known earlier, then the more accurately the prediction can be made of the final conditions. Therefore, the more that a father instills his daughter with a value of self worth and confidence, then the more easily she will be able to search for similar qualities in her potential husband. So the more loving and caring a father is to his daughter, the more accurately she will determine a sufficient spouse for her future, even though that is exactly what will be the final outcome of her decision later in life.




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  1. Venkata Vamsi Emani


    I totally agree with this article. Being a father, he always wants his daughter to get the best exposed to information so that she can become a Visionary in her life. The father is not at all influencing his daughter in this case. He is just exposing her to information how her spouse should be. From the information she gained, she will be able to select her husband who takes much care about and love about her

  2. Alejandro Mendez


    IMT details how individuals and their environments are directly linked to each other, since they are synonymous. Here we see evidence where someone in a desirable environment grows up to be comfortable within that type of environment, and rely on it as time goes on. Cases like these are where young women are born into the family that they need and grow as a result of that need for a loving atmosphere. Continuing on they will reject any man that they feel is not properly supportive, and this way shape their own environment.

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