cinaKung fu is (literally)…

Chinese: 功夫 (gong1 fu4)

功 = power, merit, achievement, service, labor.

夫 = husband, manual labor.

When together, it means art, skill, or effort.

So kung fu is not:

Chinese martial arts (that’s wushu).

But it does refer to a skill that a person has achieved through hard work or time.

For example, you can complement a chef by saying “his cooking kung fu (skill) is really good” (not referring to his ability to fight with pans and knives).

Martial arts is one of those things that make people go “WOW !I wish I could do that.”

Here are other things that are like that:

Hobbies like dancing, drawing, singing, cooking, playing an instrument, etc.

And other skills like programming, public speaking, or even investing.

Don’t be a type C and go “well, they were born with that skill so I could never do it.”

While we are all born with different skills, we are all constantly learning.

No matter how awful you are at something, there is always improvement.

It’s estimated that you need 10,000 hours to fully master a skill (6-10years).

Kid learns to back-flip in one week:

Girl learns to dance in a year:

Guy goes from Clinically obese (class 2) to ripped in 3 years:


You control your life.

Change can happen fast (1 week for a back-flip) or slow (3 year weight loss).

Whatever thing you wanted to learn or do, just do it.

A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”

PS. Here is a list of things you can learn by x hours a week for 2016 (

1 hour = learn about the economy, learn guitar, make a mobile app, brew a year’s supply of beer.

3 hours = build a website, start acting, pick up a sport.

5 hours = read the top 25 greatest books, write a draft of a novel, have a dinner party every month.

11 hours = learn a language.

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