Forrest Gump does not fit the mold of an ordinary visionary. Though many characters throughout the film question whether he is stupid or attempt to enforce their perception of the world onto him, Forrest is not phased, seeming to understand that nobody can influence him and that he, ultimately, determines his environment, or the situations he gets himself into.

This excerpt from the film shines light on some of Forrest’s most visionary, Type-A qualities. The scene starts with Forrest, arriving in Bubba’s hometown, attempting to fulfill a vision which Bubba did not live long enough to bring to fruition, starting a shrimping boat company. When speaking to Bubba at his grave, Forrest mutters “I remember everything you said,” indicating that he listened to and can be counted on by his deceased friend.

“I got it all figured out,” says Forrest, before proposing his plan for the business.

“I’m putting all that on gas, ropes, new nets, and a brand new shrimping boat,” says Forrest, after explaining to Bubba how he earned the money to invest in their company.

Forrest Gump, despite the doubts of countless devil’s advocates, is shown constantly planning in advance and thinking of others. He has vision, and an uncanny way of bringing to fruition those visions. He doesn’t envision himself succeeding, or failing, in any one of the skills, or hobbies, which he chooses to pursue; Forrest Gump only acts, and he acts upon his instincts. He intuitively understands that an event can only happen one way, because, interestingly enough, he never once seems to make a decision throughout the duration of the film.

A most dominant example of this Type-A characteristic of not making decisions comes at the end of this excerpt, when the dock owner questions why Forrest has not named his boat, ascertaining, however incorrectly, that it was bad luck for a boat to remain nameless. “I’d never named a boat before, but there was only one I could think of.” Without having to make a decision, or to give it second thought, Forrest is shown at the end of the scene enscribing the most beautiful name in the world on his brand new shrimping boat.

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    First of all, Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movie. After reading this article, it had me thinking how true it is that everything that happen to Forrest, happened out of logic. He doesn’t care what other people think of him. Although most people make fun of him, he always think of others first. He come across very naive and kind and because of that, most people are suspicious about him. Maybe more people should go through life like Forest and maybe the world we live in could be a better place for us and for the next generation.

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