Dear Reader,

On behalf of The Visionary staff I would first like to thank you for your continued support and interest in our website. We have made leaps and bounds over the past two and half months and we owe it all to the people reading these words right now. You are the reason we’re here.

I mean it, in fact you are what we’re all about!

So I wanted to take the opportunity to do two things: first acknowledge what we do as a “blog”, and what we believe as people.

First, if you haven’t noticed, we’re not your average blog. In fact, we take the same stance as most other people when it comes to blogs: they seem to be just another thing that your friends are trying to get you to click on Facebook. A lot of people have blogs, and we don’t look down on that, but too often when I see someone post a link to their blog I find myself saying “Wow, I’m sure that person has something interesting to say, I’ll click on it later…” and later just doesn’t ever seem like a convenient time.

So stepping past the irony of this post (seeing as how most you took the Facebook Hyperspace train over here), what makes The Visionary any different?

Well… you do!

At the end of the day, the things that I, and my fellow contributors, write about isn’t any more special than your stories. We don’t have any profound wisdom to offer because, just like you (and Cory Matthews) we’re all just wondering down this road that we call life.

You make this blog special because you have a wonderful untold story just waiting to be shouted from the virtual mountaintops. The goal of The Visionary isn’t to be a blog per se, it’s meant to be a collaborative effort between people who are focused on overcoming struggles and getting better (whatever that may mean for you).

Which brings me to my second point. We here at The Visionary truly believe that we are here to learn and improve. Our mission is twofold: reach new levels of growth by discovering and implementing the truths of life, and helping people do the same thing.

We love people. We love understanding them, helping them, and most importantly, listening to them.

So if you haven’t noticed, at the top of our home page is a submission box. If you have a story (fact or fiction, prose or poetry) that you want to tell, you can send it to us by filling out our submission box. At the top of your post make sure to include your email so we can give you any feedback. You can specify if you would like to be anonymous because we’re okay with that!

You can always email us your submissions or your questions at leadASU@gmail.com

The path to becoming a visionary starts from within. Know yourself, and you’ll know your future.

Jake Gunnoe
Editor in Chief

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  1. Tamir Shargal


    Wow, Jake. Your thoughtful posts never cease to amaze me. “The path of the visionary comes from within. Know yourself, and you’ll know your future.” Gosh, those are just such potent lines, aren’t they? We hold the key to our futures just through a simple understanding of our pasts, of all the dominant information present. The approach of The Visionary is a great one, as it allows one to feel at ease in situations, to look at the big picture, and, arguably most importantly, remain stress-free. The mission is a noble one; with great knowledge comes great responsibility. As we grow, this blog serves as a tool to aid us on this path to growth, this path to understanding and being prepared for the future.

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