As technology and a new generation of workers influence the business space, leadership is changing. Here are 5 ways CEOs need to adapt to steer their companies into the future.

ceee1. Transparency:

When it comes to the goals and mission of a business, the CEO of tomorrow will bring the entire team into the bigger conversation. “Be sincere and genuine about your employees—that creates loyalty and engagement more than anything else. Always let them know where they stand and what’s going on with the company.”

2. Flexibility:

The nature of business is continually reinventing itself in both the digital space and (often consequently) in the brick-and-mortar workplace. Successful CEOs already have to have the capacity to embrace change; they’ll have to do so even more in the coming years.

jack-ma-heres-how-alibaba-will-become-bigger-than-walmart3. Collaboration

“Millennial” grew up on social media and have a more collaborative approach to work,” says Rick Ramos, founder of Rick Ramos Consulting, a marketing consulting firm. “CEOs need to get away from the top-down structures of the past and embrace a flatter management and reporting structure.” In other words, the leader of tomorrow will do better meeting their team at the open-space table rather than from behind a desk in a closed-door, corner office.

4. Empowerment

Leadership in the remainder of this decade and into the 2020s and 2030s is almost certain to be deeply connected to the idea of the whole employee. The concept’s roots are intertwined with the millennial worker’s mindset: Your job and personal life are an integrated pair of experiences, more so than they were for their Gen X and Baby Boomer predecessors.

jeff5. Host (Not Hero)

If there’s a single thread that helps tie together these four preceding characteristics, it may well start with the very idea of how leadership works in the environment we’ve just considered. The underlying motivation of leadership itself may have to change.



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