Before taking this class, I had a certain routine that I would stick to everyday. I had a group of Chinese friends that I always hung out with and we didn’t really like hanging out with anyone else. After living for years with this same routine , I felt my life was unaccomplished. I started to realize that I never met new people, I wasn’t open to trying new things and I wasn’t changing. I was stuck in my own silo! So I started to make changes in my life by hanging out with new people, getting out of my comfort zone and listening to others.

I have come to a realization that my perspective is not always the right perspective. After talking to others I have slowly changed my perspective on a lot of issues and I understand other people a lot more. For so long I was stuck in my own silo that I was unable to change.  I’m such a happier person after getting out of my silo!

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