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The New York Times reports, due to the government shutdown the families of the four soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan this past weekend will not receive death benefits. Death benefits usually include $100,000 paid to each family, a 12-month housing allowance and compensated burial services. The article articulated the outburst of anger this caused among members of the senate, members of the house and everyday American citizens.  The House Appropriations Committee is now moving to get a bill to the floor to reinstate these death benefits, despite the government being shutdown.

This article demonstrates the idea of silos. Members of Congress are in a silo; they are thinking only in their best interest. They have taken a more detailed view of the problem and are failing to see the bigger picture. If they were to pick their heads up and view things from 30,000 feet [bigger picture], they would recognize the negative impacts the shutdown is having, like denied death benefits, and quickly resolve it.

Additional References:

Shutdown Denies Death and Burial Benefits to Families of 4 Dead Soldiers – Jennifer Steinhauer – The New York Times – October 8, 2013




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  1. Teja


    Governments should not shutdown for any kind of reasons, if some 1000 of departments work in a government it is unfair for the government to shutdown when they had problem with one or two parts of it. Officials were just thinking about themselves during that situation, in turn they missed the big picture that government was serving the entire nation and the soldier claim mentioned in article was just a small one which surfaced there were many of this kind of situations during that time.

  2. Shivaan Kulanathan


    While the government shutdown is now over, it can still be beneficial to examine what has transpired in order to determine what exactly is wrong with our government officials. The fact that government officials, such as members of Congress and the House of Representatives were outraged by the lack of death benefits proves exactly how little they know about the situation they placed themselves in. It was a lack of understanding and inability to consider the opposing party’s ideas that placed the government in such a state. And that is just how the situation was created. Once the shutdown began, neither parties knew what the side effects were, as we can clearly by the fact that they did not know that death benefits would not be provided. The officials we have elected have a lack of information on how to work in a 2 party system government, which requires compromise, but even worse they don’t know the consequences of what their actions are.They are clearly not experts in their field.

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