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This article from the Cato Institute discusses the myths and realities of Gun Control. It offers many metrics on this topic as well as studies done in various areas. The article makes two major points. The first is that tragedies involving guns are typically not the result of deficiency in gun control. Rather, the shooters of these tragedies had violated many gun laws. The specific tragedy mentioned was the Columbine shooting. The second point was that states that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons typically have lower crime rates.

These metrics support two IMT concepts discussed in class. One, it is a natural law that when you try to control something, its outcome will always go in the opposite direction than what you were initially aiming. In this case, trying to control crime rates by gun control actually increases crime. Another IMT concept demonstrated here is the idea of rules being a reflection of the people. It is evident that stricter gun control rules are not reflecting what people want efficiently, because people are not following them.

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  1. Scott Jones


    Gun control has often been a touchy subject among people. For every person who firmly supports our 2nd amendment rights, there’s another who believes that we should have more laws. To make my stance perfectly clear, I’m in neither camp. While I don’t believe that more laws and regulations will help anything, the point needs to be made that there IS a problem. People are being killed more and more often in gun-related incidents. While controlling the situation through gun laws has been proven to fail, we as a people need to look for solutions elsewhere. Look at the other factors and conditions that lead to shootings, and attempt to find an alternate solution that way.

  2. Anthony Freitas de Oliveira


    I have an example of the national law that came up in Brazil few years ago prohibiting guns. The law made harder the rules for people buy a legal gun and the people who had guns were incentivized to give them for the police to be destroyed. As you said when something is trying to be controlled, it always gets different outcomes and this was exactly what happen with the law. As a result after while occured the increasing of crime and the number of guns bought illegally increased too.

  3. Josh


    I agree with the point that this article is trying to make. It would be a wise decision to regulate guns in a similar way people are allowed to earn the privilege to drive. I don’t feel that anybody should be allowed to carry a gun in public, nor do I believe that some people should ever be allowed to drive. Many people worry that if more people have guns, then more people will be killing each other as a result. We could look at cars in the same way, it could essentially be used as a weapon if someone intended it to be. By lowering the control restrictions, and only “licensing” proven individuals to carry guns, this could have a positive impact on society. In IMT, this could be a right side characteristic.

  4. Johnny


    I’m a gun loving Republican but also believe a gun purchase should be similar to buying a car. I believe in gun training and a written and practical test but lets be 100% factual here. In states like California, New Jersey, New York and Hawaii for the liberals its completely irrelevant how much training you have or how clean your background is they will NOT issue you a conceal carry permit to defend yourself outside of the home. Its only a few counties in California that respect people 2nd amendment rights. Heck in Chicago and Washington D.C. they banned guns completely even in your home until the SCOTUS overruled them. So lets just cut the lies and the deceit. The liberals have proved time again they want to ban guns completely and its not about asking for more training or more test. Was Dianne Feinstein asking for more training and more tests when she said

    “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in, I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.”

    So please for the last time stop lying about the issue. We’re tired of your laws to try to take away our right to self defense.

  5. Ethan


    I have to get rid of my expectations when I talk to people who support increased gun control, because it often upsets me how ignorant some people can be. One cannot deny the fact that the crime rates are lower in cities that allow concealed carry. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That is how it is and always is going to be.

  6. Rizwan Assainar


    I support this! Taking an example of my dad laying rules is clear cite of control but I tend to break those or act oppositely. The more control is imposed, high the chance of reverse or opposite reaction.

  7. Matthew Langford


    I think that the reality of IMT concepts comes into play very well with Gun Control. Obviously the word control comes into play. The concept of the more something is controlled, the more likely to have a negative outcome comes into play. We see in other countries that have strict gun control that their casualties caused by guns is higher than a country like ours where we have less gun control. Also, in our own country, we see that in the areas where we do have gun control, the casualties are higher there than where we do not.

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