pen-fountain-pen-ink-gold-39065-largeThroughout the article Why Handwriting Is Still Important, I realized how the teacher in the article is putting too much stress on her students and how she is doing this to them at such a young age. Handler states, “I ask my students to write longhand in class each week. At first, some protest, but I persist.” Here, it is obvious that the children are not a fan of hand writing out their essays or classwork. Typing work out on a computer takes ten times less effort and time than it does to handwrite out work and by not utilizing the technology at hand this teacher is sky rocketing her student’s stress levels. In this day in age, it is unnecessary to make things more difficult than they need to be especially when there is technology that can help produce work of higher-quality, while saving the students time and energy.

In the real world, a person’s boss is never going to ask you to write out a hand written report for a client, as this would be inefficient and detrimental to the company because they would constantly be losing money and wasting time. Before IMT, I probably would have sided with Mrs. Handler and her views on how handwritten assignments are important. Handwriting does seem somewhat necessary for students to be learning, but after learning that easier is better I realize now that there are many other ways for Mrs. Handler to teach handwriting, while, at the same time, reducing stress. For instance, instead of forcing her students to write long papers, she could create fun and interesting ways to get her students to write. For example, she could make a game out of it or have them write in the sand or mud. This would minimize stress, while at the same time allowing them to learn. In the end, I have learned how detrimental stress is and how important it is to minimize it whenever possible, as it will create a better outcome in the long run.



Handler, Ashley. “Why Handwriting Is Still Important.” The New York Times.

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