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A new study suggests that the old saying “happy wife, happy life” may hold some truth.  Researchers out of UC Berkeley and Northwestern examined the interactions in a little more than 80 middle-aged couples and discovered that wife’s ability to calm down after an argument was far more important than the husband’s ability to calm down.

In fact, the study revealed that the husband’s emotional regulation had little to no effect on marital satisfaction and that the highest levels of marital satisfaction were reported from couples with wives that were able to regulate their emotions more effectively following an argument.  Because this study focused on older couples, researchers are now interested in studying the interactions among younger couples to see if this theory differs.





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  1. Alejandro Mendez


    It is certainly interesting that this article focuses on the wife’s emotional tendencies, rather than how the husband reacts to her emotions. IMT has proposed that risk sharing in a marriage should be not be divided but assumed completely by the husband. Here we dive deeper in the relationship to see that the reaction time of the wife, an intermediate factor between the husband’s humility and net happiness, more clearly indicate how successful the relationship is. Even though the happiness in the marriage is a result of the wife’s ability to regulate emotions, no doubt it is considered a part of the same environment as the husband’s receptive atmosphere regarding her emotions.

  2. Haitham


    I totally agree with this article because over time when being in relationship there should not be anything that make the couple angry from each other for a long time, especially when they become this old. happiness is everything because life is not worth to be angry form each other. couples and especially married people should forgive and keep calm to happy all there life.

  3. mohammad alsaif


    In my opinion I agree with the article because the wife have a big influence on the happiness of the relationship especially when they became older. The relationship has a big impact on the happiness of older couples, because they will mostly spend time together.

  4. Camille Armendariz


    I find this interesting because I feel like it is making a comment on the whether a certain gender is more RS or LS according to IMT. The article does not specifically say that women are more emotional, just that their ability to calm themselves down after an argument seems to have a relationship with the health of the relationship. Does this mean that men are more LS then because they are able to understand more of their wives’ emotions, are more empathetic, and/or are more selfless? From the article it seems as if the wives are not able to process as much of their husbands’ emotions.

  5. Ethan


    I am not surprised by the results of this study and would be willing to say that the same is true in younger couples. It makes sense that this would be the case because, being cliche, age is just a number. I do find it interesting though, that the men’s emotional reaction had little to no effect on the marriage. This can also tie into caring about the needs of others as your own.

  6. Wessam Saleeb


    The study shows that ladies who can control their feelings are able to have a successful relationship which relates to the I.M.T principles,I am really interested about knowing the results of the study on the younger couples but I still believe that the women`s role is not bigger than the men`s. Relationships should be both ways.

  7. Serb Brar


    I think this study is especially interesting because it focuses on experts, elderly couples. Therefore, everyone has already realized that the secret to success relies on how happy the wife is, so younger couples should follow this mentality if they follow the advice of experts. However, the study indicated that they wanted to do the same study with younger couples, which is a gross misappropriation of time because we can easily predict that a lesser percent of the group will believe this and this will correlate with less happiness.

  8. Caleb Vanderploeg


    This study makes a lot of sense if we consider the differences between men and women. Though it may be controversial there are many fundamental differences between the personalities of men and women. In general, women are much more emotionally driven than men and men are much more driven by physical results. Resentment from a wife towards her husband is much more likely to come from emotional issues like never being allowed to win arguments while men will build resentment over physical things like not being allowed to do something. So when it comes to arguments the emotions of the women are much more important to keep a relationship happy.

  9. Nick Galles


    I am amazed that they found these results from this study. It is interesting that the wives have a greater influence on the overall happiness in a relationship, but in reality it does seem to make sense. I wonder how much this would work for younger generations though as women seem to have different roles in today’s society. How do you think this ties into IMT?

  10. Max


    This is a very interesting study that validates many theories in IMT. The focus of a relationship needs to be to eliminate argument and form an effective unity. IMT and Dr. Dean’s own life demonstrate that relinquishing the idea of control not only leads to efficiency in a business, but also happiness in a relationship. The realization eliminates the potential for argument. and thus to a happy spouse and a happy life, as the study indicates.

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