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The new health-insurance marketplace has led to more mass confusion on the Affordable Healthcare Act. Throughout this month, the website has been littered technical malfunctions, glitches, and inconsistencies between different Sates’ websites.

The new confusion has left many shoppers vulnerable to scammers who aim to abuse the marketplace’s poor structure. Several mock websites that claim to be government regulated were shut down after taking money from unsuspecting shoppers. People across the US have been getting phone calls asking for their personal information in order to assure their coverage. Some suspect that this is only the beginning of a barrage of scams resulting from the ACA. This issue may come with the territory of new government regulations. Citizens are already very confused due to the complexity of the ACA, so naturally there will be those who seek to take advantage of this confusion.


  1. Who should be held accountable?
  2. When perpetrators cannot be caught should victims be compensated, or are they out of luck?
  3. How might the government be able minimize confusion?

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  1. Serb Brar


    I agree with Max in that this is a great example of a win-lose mindset but this also shows the need for anti-scamming information to be spread throughout the United States. Fraud on the internet and the phone is always consistently reinventing itself in order to catch someone new, but it all relies on the consumer realizing that they are being coerced to give their personal information. I would argue that even if the government website was running perfectly, there would be fraudulent websites trying to copy it as that is going to be a very popular website in the near future. It is the job of the consumer to continually monitor their own personal information and not give it out while at the same time the government continues to remove these scams.

  2. Reply

    This is just really sad that people would take advantage of people like this. I think the administration is and should do their best to get the site running so these types of scams can be minimized.

  3. Max


    This issue results largely from an endorsement of a win-lose mindset, where the consumer of the ACA faces increasingly poor and complicated options. A failure to make healthcare a win-win for both the public and private sectors will only continue to make matters worse. More and more will inevitably people fall into deception, which ultimately stems from the poor drafting of the ACA.

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