She held his hand quietly

Her mind a still pond

Minnows swimming quickly beneath the surface

Mouth stayed closed

Breath shallow and slow


She listened while she held his hand

Absorbing word after word

He spoke quickly

She slowed the minnows

Concentrate. Listen.


She welcomed his words while holding his hand

They observe the pond

They circle it, fly above it

She felt his words in her mind

Her face passive

Lips still


She listened while holding his hand

Explanations, contradictions, accusations

He took back his hand

She listened as he spoke

Her imperfections, mistakes

She watched his lips move

Hands emphasize


She listened with no hand to hold

The words filling her mind

Eying the pond

They drew her away

Captured her attention

Gaining on the water


She tried to listen with no hand to hold

“Aren’t you listening?”

“Why don’t you ever talk?”



She tried to think with no hand to hold

The words splashed into the pond

The minnows fled

The waves lapped

She reached for his hand

He pulled away


She was no longer listening

She could not think

She had no hand to hold

The words terrorized her mind

Tears in her eyes

Trembles in her hands

Her only clear thought…

She wishes he would just understand

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